Best balance of cargo capacity and service speed

The ship achieves the best compatibility in loading capacity and service speed by boasting the large loading capacity of 2,806 TEU within the LOA of 200m and with high service speed in exceed of 21 knots.

Fuel efficiency and environmental performance

  • ・The unique hull form, which reduces resistance, is paired with our exclusive fuel-efficiency technologies to improve the ship’s performance.
  • ・Equipped with the environmental technologies devices to prevent the air pollution from the NOx and SOx emissions and marine pollution from the oil spillages, etc.
  • Energy saving device MT-FASTEnergy saving device MT-FAST
  • Energy saving propeller TOP-GREnergy saving propeller TOP-GR


  • ・Equipped with reefer container sockets on both the upper deck and cargo holds. Cargo holds can load dangerous cargo containers.
  • ・High service speed of 21 knots.
  • ・The accommodation house is located at the stern end. This allows the crane to move smoothly and faster in loading / discharging operation.

Loading performance

  • ・The ship is designed with a wider breadth than the conventional Panama model to increase the full container load with maximum container loading capacity of 2,806TEU.
  • ・Equipped with lashing bridges to improve upper deck loading capacity.


Length over all 200m
Breadth 35.2m
Depth 16.8m
Maximum loading capacity 2,806TEU
Draft 11.3m
Gross Tonnage 28,500