A little hotel that floating on the Seto Inland Sea

This small luxury cruise is designed to combine the ship hull with typical Japanese architecture using wood with a very unique gabled roof top. The appearance and interior are created based on the concept that the ship will harmonize with the scenery of Seto Inland Sea.

Low vibration and low noise

  • ・Equipped with an electric propeller in the propulsion system to reduce noise.
  • ・Equipped with a high-performance silencer in the exhaust gas pipe to suppress the noise from ventilation.
  • ・Soundproof materials are highly utilized not only in the Engine Zone, but also in the Cabin Zone to eliminate noise and improve privacy.
  • ・The superior stability of the hull ensures a comfortable voyage.

Navigation performance

  • ・This superior fuel efficiency cruise is achieved by the high level of our expertise in building merchant vessels for over the decades.
  • ・The specialized hull form is designed to reduce the waves and impact on its surrounding while sailing through the Seto Inland Sea.

Interior space

  • ・Fireproof wood materials are fully used for interior decoration.
  • ・The luxury suit rooms are featured with exclusive open-air baths on the balcony.


Length over all 81.2m
Breadth 13.75m
Depth 4.2m
Passengers 38 (19 cabins)
Draft 2.45m
Gross tonnage 3,200