Construction & Delivery Record

  • TESS38

    Three meters longer than its predecessor (the TESS35), for an overall length of approximately 180 meters, this 38,300 MT type log and bulk carrier has an additional 3,000 tonnes in dead-weight capacity, offering greater transport efficiency. An environmentally-friendly ship, this vessel is optimised for a diverse range of cargo, and has a high loading capacity that belies its compact size.

    Length over all less than 180m
    Breadth 30m
    Depth 15m
    DWT 38,300MT
    Cargo Capacity 47,800㎥
    Draft 10.45m
    Gross Tonnage 24,100
  • TESS58

    The TESS58, is an “eco ship” that employs energy-saving technologies in its hull design, electronically controlled engine, reduced wind resistance, and other features. Aside from its improved propulsion performance in still water, the TES58 performs well in actual seas even while maintaining high fuel efficiency.

    Length over all less than 190m
    Breadth 32.26m
    Depth 18m
    DWT 57,700MT
    Cargo Capacity 72,600㎥
    Draft 12.8m
    Gross Tonnage 32,600
  • TESS98

    TESS98 has an overall length of approximately 240 meters and weighs nearly 100,000 deadweight metric tons. It is equipped with Ballast Water Management System and Automatic Ballast Displacement Standard that improves functions and transport efficiency that is at the same time environment-friendly.

    Length over all less than 240m
    Breadth 38m
    Depth 19.95m
    DWT 98,000MT
    Cargo Capacity 112,500㎥
    Draft 14.45m
    Gross Tonnage 52,500
  • T-CORE180

    Let us introduce our cape size bulker “T-CORE”, recently developed to be a core part of the global marine transport. T is the initial for Tsuneishi, and the acronym CORE stands for “For Customer’s Operation, Revenue, and Environment & Safety”. This phrase is based on the development concept; “a core force in the customer’s businesses”. The number 180 in the name “T-CORE180” refers to its size of 180,000 DWT.

    Length over all less than 291.9m
    Breadth 45m
    Depth 24.5m
    DWT 180,000MT
    Cargo Capacity 200,000㎥
    Draft 18.04m
    Gross Tonnage 92,900

    A wooden chip carrier equipped with a cargo hold divided into six sections and hatch openings fitted with end-folding type hatch covers. Sporting a significant improvement of approximately 20% in fuel economy performance over our existing vessels, this ship is gentle on the environment.

    Length over all Abt. 199.9m
    Breadth 32.2m
    Depth 22.85m
    DWT 49,200MT
    Cargo Capacity 101,940㎥
    Draft 11.52m
    Gross Tonnage 40,700

    A crude oil tanker in the 100,000 tonne (dead-weight capacity) class that realises high profitability in international maritime transport. Leveraging our proprietary environmental technology, this vessel constitutes a significant advance in fuel economy performance over existing tankers. Boasting both a large dead-weight capacity and high cargo capacity, it is incredibly versatile.

    Length over all Abt. 243.8m
    Breadth 42m
    Depth 21.25m
    DWT 106,300MT
    Cargo Capacity 126,000㎥
    Draft 14.55m
    Gross Tonnage 60,500

    Applying the environmental technology acquired in the development of bulk carriers (such as the TESS series) to container ship development has resulted in a significant drop in fuel consumption. A feeder container carrier with high loading efficiency that can be fitted with refrigerated containers and hazardous materials containers.

    Length over all Abt. 143m
    Breadth 22.6m
    Depth 11.3m
    DWT 12,000MT
    Maximum loading capacity 1,020TEU
    Draft 8.2m
    Gross Tonnage less than 10,000