The largest class Eco-ship in Ultramax category

The distinctive bow and accommodation house are designed with our exclusive and unique technology, called AEROLINE to reduce the wind resistance by approximately 20%. The largest class Eco-ship of the category, achieve a deadweight 66,200 MT with Panamax-sized breadth. Our new Ultramax tops its category with the design features: enhanced cargo capacity, fuel efficiency & environmental performance, and versatility.

Fuel efficiency and environmental performance

  • ・Comply with EEDI Phase 3 regulations.
  • ・The unique and exclusive AEROLINE technology for the reduction of wind resistance is applied to the bow and accommodation house to improve the fuel efficiency at actual sea performance.
  • ・Equipped with the environmental technology devices to prevent the air pollution from the NOx and SOx emissions and marine pollution from the oil spillages, etc.
  • ・The improved hull design allows for better fuel efficiency during both shallow and full draft operations.
  • Reduce wind resistance AEROLINEReduce wind resistance AEROLINE
  • Improve actual fuel efficiency FAISImprove actual fuel efficiency FAIS
  • Energy saving device MT-FASTEnergy saving device MT-FAST
  • Energy saving propeller TOP-GREnergy saving propeller TOP-GR


  • ・Versatility retained with the same length as TESS64, the breadth to pass through the Panama Canal.
  • ・The depth of 19.15m, and a suppressed air draft all lend to the operational flexibility.
  • ・Excellent trading flexibility for carrying the three major bulk cargoes of iron ore, grains, and coal, as well as hot coils.

Loading performance

  • ・The largest class deadweight capacity of Ultramax category, beyond 66,000 MT.
  • ・With hull design improvements and vessel weight reduction, loading capability has been enhanced.
  • ・Cargo capacity is 81,500㎥, the largest in the Ultramax category.


  • The original interior concept NEXT STYLE, utilizing exquisite design and indirect lighting, provides the crew with relaxation and comfort.


Length over all 200m
Breadth 32.25m
Depth 19.15m
DWT 66,200MT
Cargo Capacity 81,500㎥
Draft 13.8m
Gross Tonnage 36,900