This new “Big MR” is achieved by the combination of versatility and large loading capacity.

This “Big MR” enables large-volume transportation of both petroleum and chemical products for efficient and flexible trade. While meeting the requirements of a MR tanker, this cutting-edge ship boasts a cargo capacity of 92,000㎥ and our exclusive technology for advanced fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficiency and environmental performance

  • ・The unique hull form, which reduces resistance, is paired with our exclusive fuel-efficiency technologies to improve the ship’s performance. The ship meets the EEDI Phase 3 requirements.
  • ・Equipped with the environmental technologies devices to prevent the air pollution from the NOx and SOx emissions and marine pollution from the oil spillages, etc.
  • Energy saving device MT-FASTEnergy saving device MT-FAST
  • Energy saving propeller TOP-GREnergy saving propeller TOP-GR


  • ・While keeping the breadth of 38m and shallowing the depth and draft, the same air draft and manifold height as that of a MR tanker has been achieved.
  • ・Not only capable of carrying crude oil and petroleum products, such as naphtha and gasoline, it also can carry IMO Type 3 classified chemicals, such as vegetable oil and so on.
  • ・Equipped with independent cargo pumps in each of the cargo tanks, enable the loading of various kinds of cargo.

Loading performance

  • ・Exclusive T-MAX³ technology that maximizes ship cargo capacity was applied to secure 92,000㎥, which accommodates approximately twice as much cargo lot as a MR tanker.
  • ・The deadweight of 77,000 MT ensures maximum utilization of cargo capacity.
  • ・The cargo capacity under draft restrictions is greatly improved due to the shallow draft of the wide-ship model.


  • The original interior concept NEXT STYLE, utilizing exquisite design and indirect lighting, provides the crew with relaxation and comfort.


Length over all 228m
Breadth 38m
Depth 19.3m
DWT 77,000MT
Cargo Capacity 92,000㎥
Draft 13.3m
Gross Tonnage 46,100