A new, larger ship that inherits the KAMSARMAX brand

The debut of KAMSARMAX has caused the wave of larger Panamax bulk carriers. Inheriting its brand-name, this next-generation WIDE KAMSARMAX has bigger cargo loading capacity of about 6,000 MT with further improved fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficiency and environmental performance

  • ・The unique hull form, which reduces resistance, is paired with our exclusive fuel-efficiency technologies to improve the ship’s performance. This has improved fuel consumption per ton-mile by approximately 5%, compared to KAMSARMAX.
  • ・Equipped with the environmental technologies devices to prevent the air pollution from the NOx and SOx emissions and marine pollution from the oil spillages, etc.
  • Improve actual fuel efficiency FAISImprove actual fuel efficiency FAIS
  • Energy saving device MT-FASTEnergy saving device MT-FAST
  • Energy saving propeller TOP-GREnergy saving propeller TOP-GR


  • ・Keeping the length of 229m makes the ship possible to enter the Kamsar Port in the Republic of Guinea as well as about 90% of the ports that the KAMSARMAXs built by TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING have called at.
  • ・Enable to carry the three major bulk cargos of iron ore, grains, coal, while alternate loading is possible for high-density cargo, such as iron ore.
  • ・Air draft was maintained at the same level as KAMSARMAX.

Loading performance

  • ・The increase of 6,000 MT loading capacity has achieved by the wider beam and shallower draft, compared with the KAMSARMAX.
  • ・Cargo capacity has increased by 5,300㎥ with bigger loading volumes of low-density cargo, such as grains.


  • The original interior concept NEXT STYLE, utilizing exquisite design and indirect lighting, provides the crew with relaxation and comfort.


Length over all 229m
Depth 20m
DWT 88,200MT
Cargo Capacity 103,300㎥
Draft 14.45m
Gross Tonnage 47,400