KAMSARMAX, an established world standard

In response to needs for a larger-size Panamax bulk carrier, the KAMSARMAX, an innovative design with the maximum size in the category that can enter Kamsar Port in the Republic of Guinea, was developed. This ship model is favored for its optimal solutions of fuel efficiency, versatility, and cargo capacity. With over 300 ships being built, it holds the No.1 market share in the category.

Fuel efficiency and environmental performance

  • ・Comply with EEDI Phase 3 regulations.
  • ・The unique hull form, which reduces resistance, is paired with our exclusive fuel-efficiency technologies to improve the ship`s performance. A further improvement of about 31% reduction on the fuel consumption per ton-mile has been achieved successfully when comparing to the first KAMSARMAX delivered in 2005.
  • ・Equipped with the environmental technologies devices to prevent the air pollution from the NOx and SOx emissions and marine pollution from the oil spillages, etc.
  • Improve actual fuel efficiency FAISImprove actual fuel efficiency FAIS
  • Energy saving device MT-FASTEnergy saving device MT-FAST
  • Energy saving propeller TOP-GREnergy saving propeller TOP-GR


  • ・Length of 229 meters, which allows entry to Kamsar Port in the Republic of Guinea.
  • ・Designed with shallow draft and minimal air draft for versatility to accommodate the majority of major ports.
  • ・Excellent trading flexibility for carrying the three major bulk cargoes of iron ore, grains, and coal, as well as hot coils.

Loading performance

  • ・Achieve a deadweight of over 82,000 MT with the shallowest draft in its category.
  • ・With a cargo capacity of 98,000㎥, it can carry large volumes of low-density cargo, such as grains.


  • The original interior concept NEXT STYLE, utilizing exquisite design and indirect lighting, provides the crew with relaxation and comfort.


Length over all 229m
Breadth 32.26m
Depth 20.15m
DWT 82,400 MT
Cargo Capacity 98,000㎥
Draft 14.55m
Gross Tonnage 44,000