Tsuneishi Factory

Located in Tsuneishi, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama-shi, a city facing the Seto Inland Sea in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. The new ship building division is equipped with one dock and one berth for shipbuilding. The adjacent repair factory, having 4 docks exclusively for repair and 7 repair wharves, can dock vessels of up to 20,000-DWT. Undertaking not only periodical inspection and ordinary repair work but also large-scale modification and ballast water management system retrofit work, we support the safe operation of ships.

Factory outline

Address 1083, Tsuneishi, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama city, Hiroshima 720-0393, Japan
Tel: +81-84-987-1101
Fax: +81-84-987-0773
Site area 407,663m²
Business line New ship building and ship repair
Number of employees 869 (including Tokyo Office), and about 1,300 employees of partner companies, as of December 2020

New ship building

Shipbuilding berths and docks
Name Length x width x depth (m) Main crane
No.1 berth 241×41.5x- Jib crane 400tx2、150tx2
Building dock 275×46.0x9.00 Jib crane 400tx3、40tx1
Outfitting pier
Name Length x width x depth (m) Main crane
S-1 A pier 180.0×18.0x7.0 Jib crane 30tx2
S-3 B pier 160.0×18.0x6.0 Jib crane 30tx1
S-5 C pier 200.0×18.0x7.0 Jib crane 20tx1
Jib crane 10tx1
S-7   260.0×20.0x6.0 Jib crane 50t×1

Repair ship

Repair dock
Name Length x width x depth (m) Main crane
No.1 dock 250.0×49.5×11.0 Jib crane 100tx1、30tx3
No.10 dock 160.0×35.0x9.00 Jib crane 20t×1、10t×1
No.11 dock 150.0×31.0x9.00 Jib crane 25t×1 (used together with No.10 dock)、20t×1
No.12 dock 330.0×53.0x10.50 Jib crane 60tx1、35tx1、15tx1
Repair pier
Name Length x width x depth (m) Main crane
R-5 E pier 160.0×18.0x4.7 Jib crane 10tx1
R-7 F pier 160.0×18.0x4.8 Jib crane 30tx1、10tx1
R-10 G pier 211.0×18.0×5.5 Jib crane 30tx2
R-11 211.0×18.0×7.0
R-12   330.0×12.0x7.5 Jib crane 60tx1、15tx1

Surrounding environment

Tsuneishi, Numakuma-cho, where the factory is located

Surrounding environment

The city of Fukuyama, at the eastern end of Hiroshima Prefecture, is the second largest in the prefecture after the city of Hiroshima and features various tourist spots including the coastal area of Tomonoura, which appears in the famous Manyoshu anthology of poems, and Fukuyama Castle. Facing the calm Seto Inland Sea, the city is characteristically blessed with a lot of fine days throughout the year and is rarely hit by earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters.



The hotel is conveniently located near the Tsuneishi Factory. There is a rich variety of meals in spacious guest rooms. A daily lunch special is also served.

Company house for employees

Seto-no-Mori Housing

Seto-no-Mori Housing

Seto-no-Mori Housing, a group of 13 houses for 26 households, has stainless-steel mirror-surface-finished roofs and outer walls, allowing for a variety of looks depending on the time and weather, thus enabling the company houses to make the local atmosphere more cheerful.

Seto Terrace

Seto Terrace

Seto Terrace is a housing complex for 38 households. It has the eye-catching appearance of a ship awaiting its launching ceremony and is attractive to the eye. These company houses are attractive to young people and have the concept of being a place where local people can gather and contributing to the region.