The pursuit of business stabilization and development to ensure our employees’wellbeing.

Tsuneishi has been engaged in shipbuilding over the more than 90 years since the company’s launch in 1917. During that time, we have contributed to the development of not only our local economy but also the global economy, by providing safe, high quality vessels that support the surface distribution of goods.
We have always, from our earliest beginnings, attempted to support our employees. It was this principle that helped Tsuneishi, which started off building wooden ships in a remote town, to grow into a leading Japanese shipbuilder.
Tsuneishi has always treated employees as family, and has expanded their business to ensure continuing employment for them. Even when the shipbuilding industry was in a slump, we did not cut any of our staff. Behind this personnel policy was the aforementioned principle. Tsuneishi will hold to this philosophy by continuing to value its employees and ensure their employment security.
However, in the wake of the recent rapid changes, it may become difficult to sustain full employment in the future. Although we have always made lifetime employment available to every employee, we will aim to be a company that can reward workers who understand the direction we are traveling in and who cooperate in contributing to the company’s development.

Code of Conduct

Declaration of Action for Tsuneishi Group Company

To be prepared for the next 100 years

Combining free thinking with bold action, Tsuneishi Group keeps a steady eye on the future while continuing to develop local communities and support our customers.

Stability and Growth

With a spirit of challenge, we’ll be both independent and collaborative in supplying products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

Importance of a person with ability

We’re not just a company, we’re family.
Together we learn, act, and grow.

A member of the society

As a member of the global society, we act with sincerity, devoting ourselves to energizing local communities and developing local economy.

Tsuneishi Spirit

  1. 1

    Have Vision!

    Create a personal vision for the future that is in harmony with the company’s vision so that we can move forward together.

  2. 2

    Aim for the Top!

    Don’t settle for second best on either products or services you provide. Aim in improving oneself to become the greatest of the best.

  3. 3

    Stand United!

    Work together with a group-wide perspective, cooperating with other departments and group companies to ensure that the entire group works as one.

  4. 4

    Be Proactive!

    Maintain a forward-thinking stance, and move ahead with a positive attitude.

  5. 5

    Be Considerate and Kind!

    Be considerate of others, and always be aware of those around you.