Pursuing stability and development of our business for the prosperity of our employees
The Tsuneishi Group has grown through repeated challenges in our history of more than a 100 years since our foundation. Responding to challenges on environmental and social issues is one of our key management drives in building a happier future for the next 100 years.

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Ingenuity for Global Environmental Conservation

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding is constantly reviewing the amount of energy we consume our shipbuilding process. We ensure that actions are taken for the conservation of our global environment, such as auditing the conventional manufacturing process, incorporating new technologies, and using renewable energy.

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Trust Building with the Community

We believe that a sustainable society is important for our business continuity. We support our local communities in various fields, from education, medical care, environmental conservation, and up to post-disaster support. Likewise support from our local communities is essential to us.

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Pursuit of Happiness in the Workplace

Now, in a time where people's values are changing rapidly, people's ways of thinking and lifestyles have also become diverse. Tsuneishi Shipbuilding wishes to maintain a happy work environment for each and every single employee by promoting respect for diversity.

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Contribution in Technology and Development

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding is developing eco-friendly ships by utilizing advanced technology to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By pursuing low fuel consumption and better environmental performance in our ship designs, we continue to do our part in the global challenge of achieving a carbon-free society.

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