TESS series

The name TESS means “Tsuneishi Economical Standard Ship”. The hull form was developed to deliver the highest standards of propulsion, steering, stability and other performance parameters to match the needs of ship owners and the changing times. The ship has a reputation for being easy to handle, and has had the support from ship owners both at home and abroad for near 30 years.



With an additional 10 metres of length, the TESS64 AEROLINE is an upsized version of the TESS58. This vessel has a high cargo capacity and retains a large dead-weight capacity even with a shallow draft. It also employs a raft of proprietary energy-saving technologies, such as “AEROLINE” – our new wind-resistance reduction mechanism – to lift the fuel economy performance during actual operation to all-new levels.

Length over all×Breadth×Depth less than 200m×32.26m×18.6m Draft 13.3m
DW 63,700MT Gross Tonnage 36,000
Cargo Capacity 79,000㎥ Service speed 13.8knots



Our latest model, the TESS58, is an “eco ship” that employs energy-saving technologies in its hull design, electronically controlled engine, reduced wind resistance, and other features. Aside from its improved propulsion performance in still water, the TES58 performs well in actual seas even while maintaining high fuel efficiency.

Length over all×Breadth×Depth less than 190m×32.36m×18m Draft 12.8m
DW 57,700MT Gross Tonnage 32,600
Cargo Capacity 72,600㎥ Service speed 14.5knots



Three metres longer than its predecessor (the TESS35), for an overall length of approximately 180 metres, this 38,300 MT type log and bulk carrier has an additional 3,000 tonnes in dead-weight capacity, offering greater transport efficiency. An environmentally-friendly ship, this vessel is optimised for a diverse range of cargo, and has a high loading capacity that belies its compact size.

Length over all×Breadth×Depth less than 180m×30.0m×15.0m Draft 10.45m
DW 38,300MT Gross Tonnage 24,100
Cargo Capacity 47,800㎥ Service speed 14.3knots



TESS98 is the largest vessel of the TESS Series that has an overall length of approximately 240 meters and weighs nearly 100,000 deadweight metric tons. It is equip with Ballast Water Management System and Automatic Ballast Displacement Standard that improves functions and transport efficiency that is at the same time environment-friendly.

Length over all×Breadth×Depth less than 240m×38m×19.95m Draft 14.45m
DW 98,000MT Gross Tonnage 52,500
Cargo Capacity 112,500㎥ Service speed 14.5knots