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D/W 57,500 mt type Bulk Carrier TESS58 AEROLINE First Ship Launches from TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU), Inc.

December 10, 2014

HIROSHIMA, Japan, 9 of December 2014-TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING C o., Ltd. (Head office: 1083 Tsuneishi, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture; President: Takao Kawamoto) has launched its first TESS58 AEROLINE, a D/W 57,500 mt type Bulk Carrier that is equipped with newly developed AEROLINE technology to reduce wind resistance. The launch took place on December 8th at TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU), Inc., an Overseas Group Company of TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING.



The TESS58 AEROLINE is a premium class vessel featuring the higher fuel efficiency design of the TESS58, part of the TESS*1 Series. AEROLINE is a new technology for reducing wind resistance, which combines the cut-corner design for the accommodation corner in previous models with a newly developed streamlined shape for the fore upper bow, for a 10% reduction in wind resistance. The fore upper bow has been rounded, giving the ship a stylish streamlined design.

Designed for low fuel consumption, the TESS58 AEROLINE is equipped not only with AEROLINE technology but also with The Generator Engine Waste Heat Recovery Unit*2, TOP-GR*3 propellers for lower vibration and higher propulsion efficiency, and FAIS*4 which boosts the engine’s fuel efficiency through direct intake of cool outside air.

Fuel efficiency is further improved not only by the low-resistance hull design but also by the incorporation of proprietary energy-savings technologies and an electronically controlled engine. The result is approximately 13% higher fuel efficiency compared to conventional TESS58 design.

*1 Tsuneishi Economical Standard Ship. The first ship in this series, a TESS40 (40,000-ton type bulk carrier), was completed in 1984. Since then, the TESS line-up has been expanded to TESS45, TESS52, TESS58, and other designs, and in January 2012 the 300th ship in the HANDYMAX Series was completed. The TESS64 AEROLINE was brought to market in May, 2014.

*2 Generator Engine Waste Heat Recovery Unit allows collection of exhaust heat from the generator engine equipped in the ship as a heat resource. The unit converts the heat to energy for the auxiliary boiler and can reduce the auxiliary boiler’s fuel consumption by 12-25 %. This technology was developed jointly with MIURA CO., LTD. in 2013.

*3 TOP-GR (Tsuneishi Optimized Propulsive Gear) technology increases propeller propulsion efficiency. Precise computer-based calculations and simulations were carried out to develop an energy-saving propeller, with every detail from blade number, diameter, aerofoil shape, and blade geometric distribution optimal design for high efficiency and low vibration.

*4 Fresh Air Intake System (FAIS) boosts engine fuel efficiency. In this system, air ducts are installed in the starboard bridge wing pillars so that cool outside air is supplied directly to the engine for the greater fuel efficiency.

■ About the first TESS58 AEROLINE
Main particulars
Type :57,500MT type Bulk Carrier
Length :190 meters
Breadth :32.296 meters
Depth :18.018 meters
Deadweight :Abt. 57,500 metric tons
Gross tonnage :Abt. 32,700
Main engine : M.A.N. -B&W 7S50ME-B9.3
Service speed :14.5 knots (normal output)

A group company of TSUNEISHI GROUP. TSUNEISHI GROUP is established in Hiroshima prefecture Japan, 111 years ago and its main business operations are in shipbuildiing and shipping. TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd. builds about 60 vessels per year, centered on the 30,000 ton to 180,000 ton class bulk carriers, and is one of the top shipyards in the Japan, out of its Tsuneishi Factory(head office), and two foreign factories located in the Philippines and China.

President :Takao Kawamoto
Field of Business :Shipbuilding, Ship repairing
Established :July 1917
Capital :100 million yen
Employees :Approximately 710 (as of December 2013)
Business Locations :Tsuneishi Factory (Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima,Japan)
Affiliated Companies :
TSUNEISHI IRON WORKS Co., Ltd. (Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima)
TSUNEISHI TRADINGS Co., Ltd. (Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima)  
TSUNEISHI ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. (Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima)
TADOTSU SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd. (Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun ,Kagawa )

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