Press Releases

Tsuneishi revamped its website on Marine Day (July 20)

July 19, 2002

Tsuneishi Corporation (Head office: Numakuma, Hiroshima, President: Katsushige Kambara, hereinafter Tsuneishi) redesigned and upgraded its website (URL: http://www/ and will publish it on Marine Day, July 20.

Tsuneishi first opened its website in 1998, as part of its IT development plan. Along with the company outline and description of its factories, we upload the latest corporate news on subjects such as events. We are also vigorously boosting business efficiency via IT as seen in “Tsuneishi Reborn”, an in-house system for collecting suggestions from employees using the Intranet, and email our in-house journal to subscribers. In response to increasing broadband penetration, we have renewed our website’s design and function, focusing on user-friendliness, easy guidance and convenience for visitors.

Also, to prompt public understanding of shipping, which is an important element in Japan’s physical distribution, we have prepared a “Virtual Factory Tour” as an attraction to offer easy information on ships. The attraction features “Process to a Completed Ship,” which shows the shipbuilding process, as well as other pages such as “Shipping Terms” and “FAQ On Shipping,” a collection of questions like “Why do you break a bottle of champagne at the launch ceremony?” You can also watch a vivid movie of a ship launch, an event rarely seen in Japan these days. It’s a site filled with the interest and adventure of shipping.

We hope that global customers, associated administrations, local communities,recruiters and the general public will use this site as an interactive networking tool. Tsuneishi will also strive to make this website one of our new corporate “features” for the 21st century.