Press Releases

Corporate Culture Improvement Campaign, “Tsuneishi Reborn,” Launched

February 1, 2002

Aims to motivate all the people at Tsuneishi through improvement suggestions utilizing groupware

Tsuneishi Corporation (Head Office: Hiroshima Prefecture, President: Katsunari Kambara) started a corporate culture improvement campaign called “Tsuneishi Reborn: Genki (‘high-spirited’) Communication” on February 1, 2003. It aims to motivate all the people within the Tsuneishi Corporation through improvement suggestions using groupware. It reflects our wish to rebuild Tsuneishi into an organization where changes are welcomed and communication is open.

We believe that strengthening the employees’ sense of commitment and motivation is essential to secure Tsuneishi’s competitiveness under the present difficult economic conditions. This campaign is expected to contribute to creating new and versatile mechanisms within the company to enhance employees’ job satisfaction. Frank suggestions and diversified perspectives are sure to facilitate open communication and serve as a new broom to sweep clean Tsuneishi into a well-managed, vigorous and competitive company.

The new program gives all the employees opportunities to assess improvement suggestions submitted by other employees, unlike conventional systems whereby assessment is made only by superiors and/or a secretariat. We took the opportunity to provide every Tsuneishi employee with an e-mail address and also increased the number of PCs in the shipyards.

The people at Tsuneishi are encouraged to input suggestions via the group’s website. All employees have access to the site and can participate in online voting. Suggestions that win a certain number of votes are then transferred to the next stage of assessment. If they require relatively low amounts of investment, they may be implemented without further assessment.

To spur active participation in the program, a point system has been introduced whereby employees who make a suggestion or vote win points. Those who have accumulated points will be given prizes such as preferential treatment on the use of the company’s welfare facilities. Originators of suggestions accepted for implementation will be rewarded the Presidential Prize or other prizes according to newly formulated rules.