Launching Ceremony

Launching ceremony detailed information


In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, TSUNIESHI SHIPBUILDING has decided that the launching ceremony tour scheduled on Thursday, June 23th, 2022, will not be open to the external visitors. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to those who have been looking forward to the tour, and appreciate your kind understanding. Regarding the future launching ceremony tours for the external visitors, we will take the actual situation into account and make decisions. The announcement will be posted publicly.

Plans for the next ship-building ceremony

Date time
Thursday, June 23th, 2022

– It is expected that on the day of launching ceremony the parking area will be crowded.
Please park your cars in the place where the guards instruct.

Tsuneishi Corporation launches a ship for the construction berth at the Tsuneishi Factory approximately every two months.
It is always an emotional moment for us and all our affiliates.
Launching ceremonies are open to local residents.
Come and share the moment with us.

Ship launching ceremonies

Music at the ship-building ceremony

Tsuneishi plays an original score when launching and delivering a completed ship. The score is a fusion of music using Japanese traditional musical instruments such as wadaiko (a drum), tsugaru shamisen (a stringed instrument) and shakuhachi (a woodwind), with that uses western instruments including guitars and basses.