Chairman of the Board: Kenji Kawano General Management, Chairman of the Board of THD, Director of TIW
Vice Chairmen of the Board: Akihiko Mishima Chairman & President of THI
Vice Chairmen of the Board: Yasunori Kohatake General Manager of Overseas & New Business Development Division, Chairman of TZS, Director of THI
President: Sachio Okumura General Management, Director of TZS, Director of THI
Senior Managing Director: Hirotatsu Kambara General Manager of Corporate Administration Division, President of THD, President of Kambara Kisen
Senior Managing Director: Hitoshi Kono General Manager of Ship Sales Division, Director of THI
Executive Managing Director: Tetsuhiro Tomata General Manager of Finance Division, Senior Managing Director of THD
Executive Managing Director: Naohide Sato General Manager of Procurement Division
Executive Managing Director: Takuma Ashida Tsuneishi Factory Manager; Manager of 3 Factories(TS, THI, TZS), In-charge of Labor Management, Director of TZS & THI
Director: Jiro Sato President of TZS
Director: Yuji Awane In-charge of Gen. Affairs & Human Resources and Internal Audit
Director: Michio Kambara General Manager of After Service Division; Factory Manager, Director of TIW
Director: Takatoshi Ikenishi Deputy General Manager of Overseas & New Business Development Division, Director of TZS
External Director: Yoshikuni Kato
External Director: Satoru Tagami Director of Kambara Kisen, Director of Kambara Logistics
Auditor: Shusaku Nishiyama
External Audit & Supervisory Board Member: Ryosuke Koike
External Audit & Supervisory Board Member: Hirofumi Taniguchi
Executive Officer: Masatoshi Date Director of THI (THI Factory Manager)
Executive Officer: Kazuki Tanabe Manager of Customer Service Department
Executive Officer: Hirohide Isoda Director of TZS (TZS Factory Manager)
Executive Officer: Takuya Fujii Deputy General Manager of Ship Sales Division
Executive Officer: Toshifumi Nakai Manager of Corporate Admin. Dept.
Executive Officer: Tomofumi Hasaki Manager of Finance Dept.
Executive Officer: Satoshi Mori Manager of Information Strategy Dept, Exec. Officer of THD
Executive Officer: Kenichi Shibata General Manager of Design Division, Director of Tsuneishi Engineering
Senior Executive Adviser: Takao Kawamoto Senior Executive Adviser of THD

TS:Tsuneishi Shipbuilding
THD:Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation
TIW:Tsuneishi Iron Works